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Speed Math App: Mental Math Skill Builder & Battle Kid

Overview of Speed Math App

Ready, Set, Answer! How quickly can you solve math questions? Can you answer multiple questions correctly in a row? Polish the math-question-solving skills you already have and learn how to quickly do addition, subtraction, multiplication and division by improving your mental math skills with Speed Math game. Take as many quizzes as you want and answer as many questions as you can to become a pro at math. Try Speed Math app today!


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Mental Math Skill Builder

Parents, teachers & tutors can use it as a tool to enable fast math games for their kids and students. On the other hand, kids that have basic grade-math knowledge can test and improve their skills by themselves too.


Is this app free?

Yes, Speed Math: Mental Math Skill Builder is a free and interactive app.
The app will help your kids to improve their mental math skills.

How to play Speed Math?

  • First Practice basic maths skills
  • Choose a learning mode from Compete with Others or Timed Quiz
  • Beat each level by choosing the correct answer for every question
  • Unlock quiz hints by moving up the scoreboard
  • The answer, learn, and enjoy quick math practice!

How can I get the Speed Math app?

Speed Math: Mental Math Skill Builder is available in the app Google play store as well as the Apple app store.

What is Compete with others?

In this mode, you can solve questions as quickly as you can to defeat your opponent and become the winners. Opponents are generated randomly from all over the world.

What is Timed Challenge?

In this mode, you can take and solve math quizzes in a specific time allotted to you.

How this app improve my kids maths skill?

Your kid will learn and master quick math problem-solving, but also have as much fun while learning. It’s just like playing speed math games. Let them use mental math skills to solve simple to complex math problems. Enroll in math battles with other players or between kids and you, and see who is the best at multiple number games which make math entertaining for everyone.

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