Why kids need to improve mental math?

Why kids need to improve mental math?

Hippocampus is a part of the brain that is specific for memory functions and is associated with mental math. It needs to be properly developed at an early age otherwise it can be a challenging task.

Children need to practice mental math at a young age. The best age to practice is from 5 to 10 years.

Children who learn the technique of mental math will find it helpful in many circumstances. With the help of it, they can calculate how many chocolates and video games they can buy with their weekly pocket money.

This will help them to solve basic arithmetic questions in their minds without the use of pen and paper.

Why doing mental math is important?

  • Build up the potential of children to concentrate
  • Help to enhance children’s interests in math.
  • Boost up the self-confidence of kids.
  • Help them to minimize the mistakes while solving a problem.
  • Strengthen their memory skills.
  • It energizes both sides of their brain.
  • Keeps brains smart and working faster
  • Improve sense of number

Mental math helps the students to solve each calculation in their heads with ease. Furthermore, it facilitates the children to memorize the measurements, values, and other facts of math with ease.

The first step is to practice the calculations. The second step is to develop the speed for doing it by practicing it again and again.

Instead of just reading, students will be able to understand the concepts of math. Math is all about logic and it should be solved with specific logical steps that can only be learned easily with mental math.

Children will approach math with a positive outlook if they have a better understanding of the concepts of math. It is generally believed that master the technique of mental math boost up the confidence of students