Mental Math’s

Mental Math’s

Mental math is a category of skills that allow the people to do math in their heads without the use of calculator, pencil, and paper. It is helpful in school and everyday life. Mental math helps the kids to know the answers quickly and to understand the concepts of math better.

In everyday life mental math helps to know the answers faster. This can help them to control their different projects and more important their finances. For example:

  • What is the sale price of mangoes?
  • I have bought too many things. Do I have enough money to pay for everything I have in my cart?
  • Have I got the correct cash back from the cashier?
  • To reach on time on some event, when should I leave?

Kids should use and practice math every day to improve their sense of numbers. Such as

What is best to choose?

Buying a box of 10 packs of candies for 20 dollars or buying an individual pack for 2.50 dollars? Here kids can use their mental math tricks to estimate quickly that the 10 packs cost much less than $2.50 for each pack because 10 × 2.50= 25. Buying 10 packs is a better deal than the second option because it costs 25 dollars of 10 packs. Therefore, kids must know these tricks and they can also learn through the practice of mental math.

There are many other ways where one needs mental math to solve the problem. It also helps to answer quickly to someone.

For example, what is 74+34?  If you break the numbers into digits, it will be easier to solve this in your head.

70+ 30= 100 and 4+ 4= 8. Sum up their total values and you will get your answer 108.


Mental math demands strong memory skills. If kids feel difficulty in learning this, then they will need more practice and time to catch up with the skills. It’s a sign that kids need your support to solve math problems.