Benefits of improving mental math

Benefits of improving mental math

Does improving mental math enhance your children’s brain development?

The answer to this question is YES. There is a very simple reason to know the logic behind it. But first, let’s know what mental math is. With the help of the techniques of mental math, the student can solve answers correctly without the use of pen and paper.

With the development of mental math skills, the concentration ability of children increased. In return, he will be able to absorb more information and will pay more attention to solve addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication questions. Their listening power increased with an increased level of concentration and they are more attentive on what their teacher is saying therefore distraction from studies will be less.

As a result of the understanding and ability to do mental math, child self-confidence is also increased. When a child realizes that he can successfully solve the entire math questions in everyday life, that satisfaction makes him feels happy and good about them. Children develop the ability of logical thinking to solve all their problems besides math.

What are the benefits?

Research has proved that by keeping a specific part of the brain busy during mental math exercise is beneficial for emotional health. It helps to improve the memory of the child. It’s the ability of an adult or a kid to retain the information and store this in his brain.

ABACUS is one of the techniques to learn mental math. It not only improves the learning of mathematic but also develops other cognitive skills tremendously. An ordinary child can transform into an extraordinary child with ABACUS learning.

The students who are masters of mental math can learn big chapters in minutes rather than hours.  These children are also extraordinary learners of other analytical subjects like maths, accounts, economics, physics, etc.