Mental Math Tricks

Mental Math Tricks

The subject of confusion; MATH, becomes even more puzzling when you have to do calculations without a pen and paper, i.e. mentally. People who are naturally good at mental math should be considered talented because it gives a tough time to others. From money calculations to teaching your children; how to do sums, if you are not good at mental calculations, things can get tricky.

To ease your worries, we bring to you, some tricks of mathematics that help a lot with math practice and can make your mental math more efficient.

  • To simplify your multiplications, you should have the tables of 1-10, memorized. Here is a trick to learn the table of nine with ease. Remember the answers to the table of 9 from 1-5. For solutions of 6-10, reverse numbers of answers to 1-5 starting from the answer of 5, reversed for 6, and so on. For example, 9×5=45 so 9×6=54 etc.
  • Learn the rule of doubles. Memorize the answers to the addition of similar numbers, i.e. 1+1 till 9+9. This way, you can figure out the answers to other sums as well. For example; if you remember that 9+9=18 then 9+7 will be two less than 18, i.e. 16.

If none of this works, we have a great free Math game that will help you with math practice, Speed Math: Mental Math Skill Builder & Battle Kid, specially designed to help you with mental math practice on the go.

We hope these tricks come in handy.

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