2nd Grade Vocabulary (Sight Words)

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Here is the 2nd Grade Vocabulary (Sight Words) PRO Practice App that Your Children Will Play for Better Reading and Spelling!

Want to help your children become the best in class with the most diverse vocabulary they have the potential to develop? Our app is a game based on the US 2nd Grade National Reading Vocabulary List. With added fun features, children will keep on playing while practicing words multiple times.

Did you know that over 1000 words are designated as 2nd-grade reading level’? 900 words are actually ‘new’ words. The app introduces words at a steady rate of six words per practice test, for a total of 42 words per week. With this app, your child will learn over 250 words per quarter.

Our team includes US teachers who follow the research on child development and the newest education techniques. Lessons focus on individual students and their learning curve. Words are organized from most common to least, grouped along with similar vowel sounds or reading rule categories. This teaching method is shown to dramatically improve the speed of learning.

Children who master these words will be reading at approximately a 3rd-grade level and typically score in the top 10% on US 5th Grade National Reading Tests. With the 2nd Grade Word Search PRO app, your child will be a champ in no time!

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